Know Your Food! – Mass Spectrometry In The Food Industry

With the goal of healthier lifestyles, an increase has been seen in the care the public take when choosing the foods they eat. But before food hits the supermarket shelves, rigorous analytical tests have been carried out to ensure it is safe for us to eat. Mass spectrometry and chromatography techniques are helping in the identification of contaminated foods, preventing disease spreading to the general public. These processes have also allowed nutritional claims made on food labels to be checked, resulting in the highest quality, healthy food sources being sold globally. Food manufacturers rely on high-resolution mass spectrometry and its ability to be accessible, robust, selective and sensitive. Investment into mass spectrometry instruments reduces risk for manufacturers, decreases the amount of food fraud and helps to protect manufacturer’s brands.

As the general public strive for the best food quality, the food industry has struggled to meet demand and continue to provide the best foods, beverages and dietary supplements with the required nutritional content. This demand for high-quality has quickly become the biggest problem currently facing the food industry. Manufacturers not only have to provide consumers with safe and authentic food, but they also have to meet regulation standards, often requiring the assistance of mass spectrum analysis. Analysis is often hard as international food standards vary, making it difficult to create a product that can be sold through international markets.

Mass spectrometry developments have allowed high-resolution analysis through ion mobility separation; this creates an extra dimension of separation for food samples. Ion mobility separation also creates an extra level of confirmation to be carried out during analysis using collision cross section (CCS) values. Understanding this physicochemical property allows a higher level of confidence in identifying contaminants in foods.

Looking to the future, it is expected that consumers will become even more interested in the quality and safety of the food they eat. It is expected that mass spectrometers will become a standard instrument used during food testing processes. Continued investment in mass spectrometry equipment will allow higher degrees of analysis, more accurate food labelling and the ability to investigate both known and unknown compounds in food samples. Most importantly, these technology advancements will result in the best and safest food on our supermarket shelves.

Mass Spec Technology Solutions Ltd based in Manchester provides the latest innovations in mass spectrometry instruments. Their team have years of experience providing a range of laboratory equipment including noise reduction units, nitrogen generators and custom made lab benches. With continuous investment into mass spec technology, they pride themselves on offering the best mass spectrometry services.

In addition, Mass Spec have a range of fully refurbished mass spectrum analysis instruments, all with full warranty and installed to maker’s specification, available at a fraction of the cost. They also provide a range mass spec upgrades making their mass spectrometry instruments a great addition to your MS lab.

If you would like to find out more about our mass spectrometry instruments and services, call us on 0161 9989 219 or contact us here.



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