A recent test by a major MS manufacturer reported an increase in MS sensitivity using the extremely dry nitrogen obtained from the NGC-35 unit.

MS Engineering (a division of Mass Spec Service Solutions) series of nitrogen generators provide year in, year out reliable and inexpensive nitrogen for all ESI-MS and other lab applications.

The nitrogen flow rates are as follows -

Up to 35L/min with NG-35 and NGC-35

Up to 70L/min with NG-70 or NGC-70


NG-35. 35L/min nitrogen generator for lab with (clean) compressed air supply.

The NGC-35 nitrogen generator is also available with an integral air compressor unit - vertical configuration.  A horizontal version is optionally available. The compressor is housed in a noise insulated, air cooled enclosure with auxiliary overheat protection. There is an optional wireless temperature monitoring and continuous log to system pc with e-mail alert facility to manager’s mobile phone.

Tower pic NGC30

NGC-35 nitrogen generator with integral air compressor unit

Also available is the Space Saving MS Bench incorporating Nitrogen Generators and Vacuum Pump(s)

The MS Engineering lab bench is supplied with NGC-35 type nitrogen generator and compressor with integral vacuum pump anti-noise enclosure. Both enclosures fitted with cooling fans and auxiliary overheat protection fans, alarm system and anti-vibration mountings.

Bench N2 gen display

How it’s done?

Dry oil free compressed air is passed through a 5 micron filter removing particulates and then to one of two alternately CMS* (carbon molecular sieve) filled tanks absorbing oxygen from the air. The tanks alternately discharge to a third reservoir tank to supply the instrument with a continuous flow of pressure regulated dry nitrogen. Units are available with or without a compressor according to lab facilities.


**A dry, oil free compressed air supply is needed for the NG-35 and NG-70 units.

MS Engineering also designs and manufactures customised nitrogen plant facilities for large scale multi-instrument laboratory applications.

The Autospec lives on - Alive and well!

AutoSpecThe Autospec is the most successful magnetic sector mass spectrometer ever manufactured with 889 instruments in total delivered since 1989. It is recognised world-wide as simply the best instrument for high resolution environmental GC-MS analysis. The reason: its consistent maintenance of performance at high resolution with the most challenging of sample analyses for dioxin and pcb analysis. Its ability to maintain performance day in, day out, over years of operation marks it way apart from any competing system.


Waters announcement that they will no longer continue the production of this truly wonderful instrument does not mean that environmental labs can no longer obtain a system.

We can help you! Mass Spec Service Solutions installs and warrants fully refurbished Autospec instruments to the manufacturers’ original ‘Premier’ specification and at a fraction of competitor’s prices. To date there are six labs using these instruments in Europe. References can be provided to testify to the performance and reliability of these systems.

You can still increase lab productivity without having to buy an expensive, lower performance, unfamiliar instrument.

We also manufacture all consumable spares for the Autospec at our factory in Ashton, Manchester and our skilled service engineers can provide full maintenance service for it as well.

So don’t mourn the departure of a great performer – the Autospec lives on! Time for celebration!

Contact us today on 0161 9989 219 to see how we can assist you further.

State of the art Waters NanoAcquity refurbished machines from Mass Spec

wateres acquity tuv 500 500x500Available for purchase from industry leaders Mass Spec Service Solutions are two recently refurbished Waters NanoAcquity system one with TUV Detector.  These state of the art machines supply ultra high pressure liquid chromatography.   For a full system spec and price please call 0161 9989 219.  

Mass Spec refurbish to the highest standards, replacing parts where required and ensuring that the instruments perform to their original specification level.  Refurbished instruments are configured to your requirements with various upgrades available if desired.  The instruments are supplied with full warranties and include relocation and installation.  We set up the products and demonstrate how they are used. We can also maintain your instrument when it is on site which is a cost effective approach to owning a high performance mass spectrometer.


Mass Spec Tech Solutions release new brochure


Click here to view our new brochure and browse through our services and products.


 browse through our services and products.

Mass Spec Tech Solutions launch their new Lab Bench at the 36th BMSS Annual Meeting and Convention

BMSS review image minMS Lab launched their innovative Lab Bench, NGenMS20, at the 2015 BMSS Annual Meeting which took place at the University of Birmingham campus from September 15th to September 17th. This year’s meeting featured talks by a number of distinguished invited speakers, plus sessions from the individual Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) and joint sessions with BSPR and the Metabolomics Society.

The meeting also featured a manufacturer’s exhibition involving over 30 industrial groups. Mass Spec Service Solutions used this prestigious event to exhibit products for MS lab equipment and show cased their new lab bench, NGenMS20, incorporating a compact nitrogen generator unit maximising valuable available lab floor space. 

The new NGenMS20 bench provides a compact solution to lab space and noise suppression requirements.  An integrated CMS based nitrogen generator and vacuum pump noise suppression enclosures save valuable lab floor space and solves lab background noise issues.  An 8 socket, anti-surge power distribution panel and twin lockable castors is supplied as standard and the bench has a high specification noise insulated backing pump enclosure.  Our innovative design of mounting the air compressor eliminates bench vibration.  Peter Heaps, Manging Director at Mass Spec Tech Solutions comments “this was the perfect industry event to launch our new lab bench.  The NGenMS20 lab bench generated a lot of interest from both fellow exhibitors and conference attendees.”

Mass Spec Tech Solutions also manufactures stand-alone nitrogen generators, from individual units to multi-instrument, plant scale laboratory installations. In addition MSSS manufactures high quality lab benches to suit a wide range of MS instruments together with a range of anti-noise enclosures reducing lab background noise from MS vacuum pumps.

MSTS installs a variety of instrument upgrade packages including fully refurbished and fully warranted instruments such as the high resolution Autospec  for dioxin analysis and a high mass conversion for the Q-Tof extending its mass range to enable study of macromolecular species, one such instrument to be installed soon for Dr Neil Oldham at the department of  Chemistry, Nottingham University.

Mass Spec Tech Solutions provides total service support for mass spectrometry laboratories.  Our experienced service team is committed to fast, effective service at affordable cost with a variety of plans to suit individual laboratory requirements.

Our ability to deliver a custom-made service package ensures you will receive service meeting your specific requirement. Our extensive knowledge and experience gained over many years of service will identify the most efficient and cost effective service plan for your lab.

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